Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Preparing to leave...

I have finally booked my flight to Austria. After months of putting it to the back of my mind, hopelessly thinking if I put it there, it'll eventually disappear/get sorted for me, encouragement (constant nagging) from my parents persuaded me to check out various websites to find the best flight for me. My flight goes to Salzburg (YAY) but it is from... STANSTED! :( The trek down to London means my parents have decided to come with me to Austria. I don't really understand their logic. The conversation went like this:

Dad: Do you want us to come with you?
Me: I don't mind. Would be good to be able to take extra luggage but it'll probably be expensive, so I really don't mind if you want to stay here. Most other students go abroad on their own.
Dad: Yeah it's looking very expensive at the moment.

Dad: I've booked flights, FOR ALL OF US!

So although it seems to have annoyed my Dad cost-wise, he was pretty adamant that he and my mum should come with me for the few days before the induction course. At least it's a weight off my mind for now.