Wednesday, 27 April 2011

♪There's Not Much Going On Today... ♪

So, I'm now into my last five weeks of Austria!

Came back on Easter Monday, after a good flight from Manchester to Munich and a train journey down to Saalfelden. I flew with Lufthansa,

for a reasonable €78 and they were AMAZING! Was really impressed with it all. Firstly, the air stewards were German, so gave instructions in German and English, something of a novelty after flying on Ryanair so many times! Secondly, the seats were weirdly small and thin looking, but INCREDIBLY comfy and there were not one, but TWO back seat pockets! In the upper one, there was an interesting magazine about Lufthansa as a company and the technology used in its planes, something I thought again was novel and entertaining, because the magazine usually contains info about destinations the company flies to and some out-of-date news. Next came the winner... FOOD AND DRINK!!! As mentioned before, Ryanair and Easyjet have been my airlines of choice lately, due to their low prices etc., but food is never included in the price, you have to pay double the normal shop price for Pringles, a Kit-Kat or a sandwich e.g. So getting a 'free' Thai wrap and orange juice was just SO special, I almost weeped with joy! Not only was it free, it tasted amazing!

After landing in Munich, I was certain a guy stood on the shuttle bus in front of me was a footballer. He had shades on, a bit of a mohican and a dyed blonde stubbley goatee and was also wearing a smart tracksuit (as smart as you can imagine) and some serious bling! I heard him speaking on the phone in English and French, asking if someone would pick him up from the airport (which seemed a logical, footballer-ish thing to do) and he reminded me most of Djibril Cisse... So, if you hear anything about Cisse moving to a Munich football team, let me know!

Was he on my plane?

I had planned to travel to Munich Hauptbahnhof then go to Salzburg and swap to Saalfelden but this cost €62! Well expensive, in my opinion! So went for the next train instead (which was actually a bit quicker) and swapped at Munich Ostbahnhof and then Wörgl (as usual!). Arriving at Munich Ost, I bumped into one of my teachers, who was also travelling home to Saalfelden. What a coincidence, eh? So chatted with her the rest of the journey back, which defo made the hour wait in Wörgl go a lot quicker!
I also managed to share a taxi back to the HIB with some schoolkids so was a lot cheaper than usual :) awesome!

After a long journey, I was totally knackered and went to bed fairly early, even though I knew I didn't have any lessons the next day.

And this is where I have a slight moan! Not had any lessons since being back yet, and don't have any tomorrow. WELL ANNOYING! Could've stayed at home another 3 days... Ok, I did miss one lesson on Tuesday, but that's because it isn't a regular lesson, I had no note of it in my diary or on my timetable and there must have been only a verbal 'agreement' that lasted 5 mins of the last week here, as there was no email suggesting it or reminding me to attend the lesson! ARGH!

So have instead been using my time to write my essay. I say writing my essay, I have instead been a bit distracted by the internet, rewatching Doctor Who from Saturday

LINK: The Impossible Astronaut (6x1)

as well as other things i.e. playin Monopoly Millionaires on Facebook... :S O well. At least the lack of 'work' means I can 'work' on my essay.

Monday, 4 April 2011


I have been so lazy lately and haven't updated my blog in a very very long time... SORRY GUYS! :S

Two weeks ago, I went to Munich, the capital city of Bavaria and industry in Germany, to visit my good friend Lara. I arrived on Friday night and went straight to the Hofbräuhaus for food and a Maß (litre of beer!). This building has been standing for over 400 years and was where Hitler held Nazi meetings and functions. It was also where the 'Beer Hall Putsch' of 1923 took place. So it had a special atmosphere! We met up with 4 of Lara's friends, who were all really nice but it was difficult to talk to them because there was an Oompah band playing in the hall so it meant we had to shout to have a conversation!

After we had eaten our food and drunk our beer, Lara and I went to a little grunge-y bar to meet some of her other friends. It was very alternative and was jam-packed with people! We had another couple of beers here, perched on one chair because there weren't enough for everyone and sharing a table with some intense-looking Germans. Again, it was a bit hard to have a conversation because it was so loud but I enjoyed it!

Next, we visited a bigger club. No idea what it was called but I remember getting student entry so it wasn't too expensive! :D They played Waka Waka, at which point I HAD to text whoever I could think of who was in Barcelona last summer, and I had a good dance/sing along! We left around 2/3ish and stopped off at McDonalds for a late night snack. I had a burger meal which was pretty nice but got steadily colder and more greasy-tasting on the walk home... YUM.

The next day, we went on a walk around the Olympiapark and went up the Olympiaturm.
We walked through the athlete's village and saw the memorial for the Israeli athletes

then got a kebab. I EVEN asked for onions and lettuce in mine, and garlic sauce! :O What a change for me!

We eventually reached the actual Olympic stadium bit with the Olympiaturm. There was some kind of Crufts show going on coz there were millions of dogs there but we didn't see any tricks or skills as they were happening inside the buildings :(

We went up the tower and got a pretty good view of the city.

After the Olympiapark, we walked round the corner to the BMW World. This is any car or bike fanatics paradise. There's loads of fancy cars and bikes to see and sit in as well as interactive areas where you can learn about new technologies used in the cars and generally play around with things. It was ACE! Me and Lara both had to have a photo with a bike...

and this was my favourite car:

We headed into the main square, Marienplatz and had a walk through the Englischer Garten on Sunday. I took loadsa tourist-y photos but here's a couple:
This is the new Rathaus:

and this is the old one:

I don't really know why they felt the need to replace it, other than to show off Gothic architecture! Oh well!

All in all, I had a great time. It was fun socialising and I really liked the city in general. I'm looking forward to going back there soon! :)