Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Blue Danube Waltz

I attended the HTL's Maturaball last night. HOW AWESOME WAS IT!?!? Answer: VERY!

As I arrived, the school leavers were doing a waltz-type dance. All the guys looked smart in their red ties and suits and the girls looked pretty with their hair up and elegant white dresses.

I sat with one of my teachers, her 2 nieces and their friend and they were all really nice and spoke English when I didn't understand!

We all agreed that the band playing in the main room was dodgy

so went down to the disco room to dance for a while. I didn't really like it though 'cause it was really hot and smoky and I didn't know any of the songs.

When we returned, there was 'Tool Time's Got Talent'! There were some singers:

Some traditional male dancers:

Some cowboys:

and of course:

yep, you guessed it, THRILLER!

Really enjoyed watching them all perform - everyone was really talented! I wanted to go congratulate them all on their performances but I didn't know who exactly was in the performances.... There were pupils from the HTL who I recognised but they didn't take part in anything and I saw lots of pupils from the HBLA and HIB, a couple of which were definitely in a performance! I was SO CONFUSED! But despite this confusion, I managed to have a nice chat with a few of the pupils I recognised.

As a note: Maturaballs rule!

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