Thursday, 5 May 2011

♫ Pleasure At The Fairground On The Way! ♪

This weekend, I went to Vienna to celebrate Melissa's birthday. I only went for one night, but it was AMAZING!

The day started out brightly in Saalfelden

but got greyer and greyer as I went to Vienna. I arrived at Westbahnhof 4 hours 45 minutes later and went to check in at the Wombats Base Hostel. Stupidly, I had forgotten to find out where it was in Vienna :S but luckily the info desk at the train station had a map and it wasn't actually far away.

After checking in, I decided I better find out where the birthday girl Melissa, and the others, Mallory, Ruth and Mat, were! I'd never met Ruth or Mat before and hadn't spoken to Mal but they all made me feel welcome and it was really nice hanging out with them! It took me a while to find them though... They told me to meet them at Karlsplatz and the station is LITERALLY a maze! There were around 8 different exits, all interlinked underground so I could not find where Mel and the gang were. I came up at the Opera house at one point:

But they weren't there and in the end, I decided to meet them on the platform (which at least I managed to do)!
As everyone was hungry, we went to the oldest restaurant in Vienna (something they'd learnt on a carriage trip earlier) called Gösser Bierklinik.

It was a really nice place and I had the biggest schnitzel ever! So big, the side of potato salad had to to on a separate plate!


After food, we had a slight walk around before heading to Prater, a park with a large funfair. I went on 3 rides - the log flume, big wheel (pictured at top) and the 'chairoplane'.

The view from the big wheel:

After meeting up with a few of Ruth's friends we decided to return to the hostel and get ready for the night out.
Everyone at the fair

Playing drinking games at the hostel bar:

We went to the Titanic club which was pretty good (by European club standards) coz it had two rooms - one playing extremely clubby remixes of recent songs and one playing more R&B/rap songs - so we went between them a few times, but still in comparison to a Brit club it wasn't THAT good! But had a really good night and we all went home the next day, playing the fun 'Who Am I?' game on the train which created a lot of giggles! GREAT WEEKEND!

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