Sunday, 10 October 2010

My First Week Of Teaching

Was going to write something about each of my classes every night, but got a bit sidetracked with preparing lessons and then relaxing! So I'm going to write a summary of my first week...

Had my first classes at the HBLA and HTL Saalfelden. Got up early at around 6.50 (I think there's a boarding school alarm that goes off around this time) as I didn't want to be late, and within an hour, was on my way down the little pathway 'Moßhamweg' towards the school. I had to check my map a couple of times but was pretty easy going.
Amazingly I arrived earlier than expected, but met Evelyn Kapeller and Maria Fuchs, two teachers from the HTL, who looked after me and gave me a vague idea of what to expect! I started in Evelyn's class (all boys) and was initially slightly shocked at how laid back and relaxed the class were allowed to be. But it was a good introduction and Evelyn is probably the chattiest and friendliest of the 'new' teachers.
Next was Eva Salzmann's class in the HBLA. This was totally different, as the class (all female) seemed a little bored to be there and were quiet when it came to my introduction and asking me questions. I was quickly disproven when I spoke to them one-to-one, as they all seemed nice and chatty!
Finally Maria Fuchs' first class (mixed). One guy at the front asked lots of questions but others seemed bit shy. I showed some pictures of chesterfield from my Power Point and they seemed to enjoy it.

My first day teaching at the HIB! Met Gerhard first and he introduced me to lots of teachers (nearly all of their names I have forgotten already!) then went to his class. This was a more informal chat than the previous three lessons, so quite enjoyed it, although didn't feel like I could ask people questions directly.
The next class was split in two, so I spent half an hour with Wolfgang Grösslich and half with Josef Grießenauer. Wolfgang reminds me of some of my German teachers - enthusiastic to the point of hilarity (but he knows his stuff). Josef was the opposite in obvious enthusiasm, but he'd been to Chesterfield! AWESOME!
After this class, I went straight to Franz Schachner. He seems like a quiet professor, softly spoken but never without a smile! His class were doing presentations about viruses so I only introduced myself quickly. The virus topics were making me feel really self conscious, as I have a cold fully forming and could feel my throat itching and nose running! :(

At the HIB again but only had one lesson. Meant to have two but Sylvia Haslgruber, who teaches the Elective class at 1.55, said she wouldn't need me at the moment as the class are preparing for exams. Fair enough! Doris Brandtner's class are studying To Kill A Mockingbird, so am really happy to be able to do a presentation about TKAM without too much research! Thanks Bronwen!

Mrs Marehard (feel really bad coz I've forgotten her first name and she's the teacher I have three times a week!)'s class was the three year students, so she warned me they weren't that good and that I'd have to speak slowly to them. They could understand everything!!!
Had another class with Maria today, and these seemed a lot more technical than the last class. Gave a brief intro as the class were doing presentations and the guys who presented talked about an architect (no idea who it was!) and I had to correct them slightly with pronunciation but that was it!

Had Mrs Marehard twice today. Both classes full of girls and both with two or three chatty ones but most of them quiet.
HTL lesson with Eva Rathgöb was off because the school had an assembly but still went to discuss teaching with her. She seems really nice but can imagine her as a hippy when she was a little younger! Has her nose pierced and three earrings in one ear and has long wavy hair! Had a good chat and decided on the best strategies for the kids.

So... that was my first teaching week. In all but around two of my lessons, I had to introduce myself and talk about myself for a whole hour. It got quite boring! Think the real test will be the coming weeks where I actually have to prepare something for the lessons! But i'm enjoying it so far..

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