Thursday, 21 October 2010

Most Productive Day EVER!!!

Thought i'd break the trend of writing these posts late by writing a post on the day it's set! :O SHOCK!

This tale of productivity and general awesomeness begins early on Thursday morning... I wake up, get dressed, remember to pack everything in my bag for once and manage to eat a slice of toast before setting off. Lessons begin at 10.45 today but left the house early, in order to get everything sorted.

TASK 1: Get Franz's signature on the Meldezettel
TASK 2: Tell Frau Liebe I want feeding!

Gerhard took me to meet Franz Holler and Frau Liebe yesterday (the boarding house manager and the head of the canteen). Glad to have finally met the people I should pay for rent and for food! Unfortunately, there wasn't time to have a proper chat to either of them yesterday, so had to sort everything out today. Went up to Franz's office where he signed the Meldezettel sheet immediately. Then went to Frau Liebe's room. She wasn't in her room but as i was about to go, i spotted her through the doors to the kitchen! She was very friendly and helpful and said i could eat there today! AWESOME! Tasks done!

TASK 3: Hand in Meldezettel at Rathaus

Now I had to hand in the registration form. I took the Kaiserallee to town and went immediately to the Rathaus. After being pointed in the right direction by the receptionist, I held my sheet out to the woman behind the desk, and said 'Meldezettel?'. A very silent 10 minutes later, I had got my proof of registration!!! Although apparently I have only been living here since today... :S

TASK 4: Get a stamp for Birmingham Mitigations letter

I thought I'd go back to the place where I bought Chris' postcard and stamp and decided to stock up on stamps whilst i had the chance! I now have 2 spare stamps! :D

Realising it was only 9.25 and I had 1 hour 20 til my first class, I tried to see if the library was open to do my final urgent task. But it didn't open til 10. So....

TASK 5: Find Chris somewhere to stay

... with the Tourist Info being straight in front of me, it seemed like a good idea to check out the local hotels etc. and see if there's somewhere cheap to stay. I managed to find a couple of good hotels and wrote them down in my phone! I will e-mail them later.

TASK 6: Do lessons
Despite trying to waste time by going to Berka, a fashion and toy shop (odd combo!), and looking at the thousands upon thousands of board games, I still managed to arrive early at the HBLA. Read a bit of a free newspaper then it was time for the lesson; this week I had to listen to them all describe the hotels on the sheets they were given last week. I took notes as the teacher asked, but when I went to give them her at the end of the lesson, she'd gone! How rude!?
So went to next class. Thought I'd already introduced myself to all the classes but apparently I hadn't in this one! Hadn't brought my leaflets or laptop so had to draw pics of the Crooked Spire

and then drew a basic map of the UK

The class ended early as there was an assembly for teachers, so I headed home for my first meal at the school.

TASK 6: Before getting to HIB, find a post box

On my way back from the HTL/HBLA, I searched for a post box. I wasn't sure what they would look like, although I presumed they'd be yellow... Luckily, I bumped into a postman and asked him where one was. Although he looked a bit confused and pointed to somewhere very nearby, he said as long as my letters had a stamp on them, he'd put them in his bag. So hopefully they'll make it to England!!! If not, I blame him...

Task 7: Actually go to the canteen to eat

This time, I knew I would have to go to the canteen for food. I was starving and felt like I hadn't eaten any proper food for MONTHS! I wanted to go with Karin, the live-in teacher, as she always seems nice and on the first coupld of days, asked me whether i wanted to go with her. But unfortunately she wasn't in, so i ventured across to the canteen on my own... Frau Liebe was in the main hall and told me to sit on the long table by the kitchen doors. Felt like an outcast as there was noone else there.. Eventually, teachers arrived, including the nice male English teachers Franz and Wolfgang and spoke to a couple of others who seem nice. Phew... Not that scary after all.

Then came the meal. AMAZING! DELICIOUS! FABULOUS! How else could i describe it?! Got served a watery chicken (?) soup with noodles which was really tasty and filled me up quite a lot, had a slice of aniseed flavoured brown bread and THEN had the MAIN COURSE! Soup and bread is one of my main courses normally, so i was quite unprepared for the chicken legs, thighs and breast that appeared, along with flavoured rice. It was so tasty! And it costs less than 5 euros! BARGAIN! Really enjoyed it and can't wait for another meal.

So that's my productive day! Think it's been pretty amazing, don't you? :) Oh and it was snowing this morning.

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