Monday, 15 November 2010

A Voyage to Bludenz...

These next few posts are going to be seriously outdated, but feel I should keep track of any semi-interesting things that happened whilst on my year abroad! So....

At the start of Autumn half term, I decided to visit Kieran in Bludenz. Luckily, K was also free this weekend (I basically gatecrashed his house for a couple of nights) and we did what we did best - went out drinking! This was such a nice change from my current lack of social life in Saalfelden. The first night, we went out to a couple of bars, one where K had never been but had always looked good and one that he'd been in quite regularly. The first was AMAZING! It played rock/metal music so we were both pretty pleased about it and there wasn't too much smoke around. Drinks weren't too expensive and there was a general nice atmosphere. The second was not as good. We managed to get a table but it was 'w'rickety and it was SOOOOOO smoky I almost lost a lung! :O

But we had a good night and managed to catch an AMAZING German gore/humorous/reunification film by Christoph Schlingensief Das deutsche Kettens├Ągen Massaker. Definitely one to check out!

On the second day we ventured to Dornbirn. There we met up with some other assistants, Mackenzie, Xan, Kiley and Erica and had a drink and a chat in a cafe/restaurant place. I was getting extremely hungry at this point, but felt it would be dodgy if I ordered anything. So I watied... and waited... and waited... until finally we left!
***SHOCK OF THE MONTH*** Dornbirn has a supermarket open on a Sunday!!!!!!!!!! I was GOBSMACKED! So went in and bought a roll - well hungry - and some other bread to keep me full later! GET IN!

Mackenzie and Xan live in Feldkirch and they were having Mike over for the night so me & K decided to stay with them a bit and carry on socialising. Again, this was SO GOOD coz I hadn't had a proper chat or drink in AGES! Went to an irish pub but unfortunately only stayed for one drink and by this time, me and K were thinking about the trip home, so we called it a night and went to the second bar in Bludenz again. Tonight's TV included an American artist (speaking English) who somehow managed to make green splodges of oil paint look amazingly like trees in about 5 brushstrokes...

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