Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Chris' Visit

Chris visited me for a whole 9 days. 9 days. THAT’S AMAZING!!! Was so happy to see him and spend time with him. The first couple of nights we stayed in my room at the HIB but as it’s a girl’s house, I felt it was a bit inappropriate for him to stay once the girls had all returned (and the teachers who live here might disagree with this… :S). Annoyingly, the internet decided to not work whilst Chris was here, so ended up watching films from the hard drive and from DVD to pass the time.
We rented an apartment in Kehlbach for the next few days. This was so nice – really wish I lived there now! The bed was hidden in a wall compartment thing and folded down on top of the sofa (HOW COOL!?)

and there was free WIFI, Austrian TV, a kitchen with proper cutlery, crockery, a MICROWAVE OVEN GRILL combi! :D and was only around 30 euros a night FOR THE WHOLE APARTMENT! I loved it! Haus Mitteregger Kehlbach

I enjoyed watching my new DVD of Coupling at the apartment , as I couldn’t really remember the episodes and they’re all really cleverly written and most of all, I enjoyed having a microwave oven. We had the best baguettes ever and could melt cheese into them coz of the microwave… fantastisch!

Throughout Chris’ stay, I learnt a lot about where I live. For example, I now know the city bus is cheaper than a numbered bus at only 80 cents a trip, I know how to get to the airport for whenever I need to come home and I finally explored the rooms to the boarding house and saw the table tennis room, the piano room (AMAZING!) and the common room, where there’s a free table football game and a pool table, which didn’t have it’s balls with it. I could not think of a good way of phrasing that end bit…

Thanks to Chris as well, I watched lots of films! We watched X Men, Dark House, Orphan, House Of Wax and House on Haunted Hill within the week, all of which I really enjoyed. I’ll probably give them (defo Orphan) a review on my other blog, so check that out. Also got Chris back into Supernatural! Well happy coz I’ve just got back into it and want to keep watching it. Still only on series two though…

Our last weekend together til Christmas was as follows: spent Friday back at mine and went to Salzburg on the Sat. Stayed at Turnerwirt again (slightly nicer room this time) and went to Shamrock in the evening again. We managed to bump into two really nice British people, Martin and Lil (I think that was their names), who joined our table and were good to talk to. They were only in Salzburg on a weekend break but they seem to have enjoyed it immensely. Adela and Manuel turned up later and joined us for a drink, but by this time it was time to head back to the hotel as Chris’ flight was early in the morning.
It was very upsetting leaving Chris and we were both emotional sheep, bleating like there’s no grass left in the world. But it won’t be long before I see him again…

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