Monday, 15 November 2010

My Birthday weekend!

So I turned 21 on Saturday the 30th this year. Slightly gutted I spent it abroad and not with the fabulously outrageous drunken party-goers at home but I still had a very nice night out, albeit a slightly more respectable one than my last couple of birthdays.

Chris came to visit for the week and he flew to Salzburg on Fri 29th, so I decided to meet him and we'd spend the night in a hotel somewhere. We stayed at 'Hotel Turnerwirt' - was comfortable and cosy, with free wifi and a computer and wasn't too expensive (around €55 for a double room) but was a bit far from the town centre, so had to get a bus in (although buses were from right outside every 5/10 minutes!).

We went to Shamrock and was so happy to see Nick, Mary and Rachel there! Had a really good catch up with them all whilst drinking mucho Bacardi und Cola and doing shots! As it was near Halloween, they had a lot of spooooky shots on offer so me, Chris and Nick did quite a few between us, with Rachel also having a few. She was an honorary Brit for the night! A couple of Mary's friends appeared, Adela and Manuel, who both seemed really nice and somehow got the bar to sing 'Happy Birthday!' Overall, I had a really good night and we had a hot dog from an Imbiss on the way back and then got in a taxi!

Here's a couple of pics:

On my actual birthday, I realised quite how much i'd spent in the bar... €60! :O can't believe it! But it was my birthday night out so I don't really care. Went for a walk round Salzburg. I found a 'Pound Shop' ('Euro' shop doesn't have the same ring to it) where I bought a spare mug, some forks and a pair of scissors! ESSENTIALS! So I was happy, although Chris looked in disgust at my cheapo side! Went to McDonalds for lunch (v. Austrian, I know) and then made way back to hotel. Think Chris wanted to listen to Chesterfield game on the hotel’s computer so I watched some Austrian TV and learned that The Simpsons voiced by Germans is WRONG.

Went out for a Chinese in the evening, where I got a free bottle of wine! Well impressed! :) We were gonna go to Rockhouse for the night (a gig venue/bar place) but I was confused by the entrance price. I was ushered to the people behind the desk by the bouncers and when I asked about going to the bar side they said it would cost 28 – 42 euros! I didn’t understand what was going on and repeated that we only wanted to go to the bar but the guys didn’t seem to understand. WELL RANDOM! So we walked back towards Shamrock...Met Rachel on the way and decided to try somewhere new - O’Malley’s. Would you have guessed that it was also an Irish bar?! AND it was next to Shamrock! Here it was very rowdy and loud but luckily we found a table in the non-smoking section so we weren’t being choked by fumes! Eventually we went home and the next day, me and Chris returned to Saalfelden.

Excellent birthday all in all just can't wait for the celebrations at home!

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