Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Second Week of Teaching....

I am writing this blog very late. It is now Wednesday of Week 3 and I am falling behind on updates :S! But nothing that interesting or exciting happened as far as I can remember… Although...some pretty dodgy things happened!

Firstly, I had my worst class so far :( They were completely uninterested in English and spoke in German most of the lesson. A lot of them reminded me of people at home – those people who didn’t do very well for themselves and are now living on benefits – and the teacher wasn’t much help either. She seemed to have no real authority over them and the class seemed to enjoy winding her up (reminded me of Mollie and Charlotte from my class in school! :P). So although I tried to teach the class a little about me and my home town, they didn’t seem that bothered.

Secondly, I somehow got roped into playing guitar and singing for a class! :O HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!? I mentioned liking to play guitar and the class pounced on it – all requesting that I sing and play some English songs in the next class. I said I didn’t have a guitar with me, the teacher said she’d find one. I protested I couldn’t play that well, the teacher waved away my complaints. I said I only know one, possibly two songs, the teacher said I could learn another in the lesson. ARGGH! So I’ve gotta get out of that somehow, although feel a bit bad for not emphasising more at the time that I couldn’t play guitar.

Also had my first lesson with 5M of the HTL this week. Eva had told me there were 25 in her class and when there are 26 pupils in a year group, the class splits. This class had always been two groups but one person had left so they had to merge together. I thought “Sure, no problem. 25 people in a class is the same as in England!” I soon realised that it’s a lot more people than in my other classes, so was a bit daunting. The majority were boys (as it’s a HTL class, and more boys study technical things) which was even more daunting because they kept joking around and whispering to each other. Afterwards, I decided they all seemed pretty nice. A few of them played football which I thought was cool and one of them, I’m pretty sure, ended up scoring for FC Pinzgau on Saturday! Will explain more later…

Sigrid’s 3FW class was good as I only had to talk to them about their current topic, accommodation. I enjoyed having some one-to-one time with them all (a bit more relaxed) but the first group couldn’t think of 3 minutes worth of stuff to talk about, so I told them we’d cut it down to 2 mins and they could talk about their last holiday and relate it to accommodation. This didn’t go down too well with Sigrid – felt I may have messed up a bit – but she sent me the second group and I tried to extend the time they spoke by asking them more questions. I think it went ok in the end!

In her other two classes, the 5th classes, I did a presentation about Morris Dancing! Had to take my laptop coz there’s no computer or OHP system in the class, so that was a bit awkward, but think the class basically enjoyed it. They had to answer some questions about the video then I told them a little bit about the history of the tradition and split them into groups to design their own Morris Dancing ‘team’! WAHEY!!! Everyone seemed to like the creativitiy of the task though, so I will probably use it again if needed!

At the weekend, I went to the FC Pinzgau match. Again, I really enjoyed it, even though the quality is pretty low in comparison to Arsenal or Chesterfield, the teams i watch the most. It’s interesting to see how different the quality in football can be, yet you can still really enjoy it! The ‘fan-band’ was as loud as the previous match I’d seen, this time with a horn playing a very familiar tune… Apparently there were around 400 people there, although I still find it weird how different they behave to British football supporters. For example, at Chesterfield matches, they do a ‘oooOOOO’ build up when the rival keeper takes a goal kick, in order to put him off, but here, the drummer bangs a similar 'slow-then-fast' rhythm as one of HIS OWN players takes a free kick or corner! It seems really strange! Surely it puts them off??? The crowd are also a lot quieter when it comes to a good shot/tackle. At Chesterfield, everyone would go ‘Awww’ and applaud a near miss but at Pinzgau, everyone stays silent... I’ve found myself clapping alone on numerous occasions.

FC Pinzgau eventually managed to win 2-1. We scored first, a header by Hannes Ortner (who is in my 5M class!!! It has been confirmed!) from a cross by Bojan Lukic, but soon after gave away a penalty for a bad tackle and they equalised. The second half was tense – the other team had most possession but we had two chances where everyone cheered, thinking the ball had crossed the line, but both times no goal was given. In the 93rd minute of 94, Ortner scored another header! It was phenomenal! Pinzgau are still top of the league as a result and have a remarkably good performance record. Can’t wait to see Hannes on Friday to congratulate him!

After the match I decided to try a sausage... An actual sausage, you dirty minded people :P! Felt like I wasn't truly abroad yet, as sausages are a dominating meat in Austria and I hadn't yet tried one! Had seen people eating them throughout the match and was getting really hungry. I ordered a Frankfurter and Semmel, thinking this was the same as a hot dog (which was also listed) but a Semmel (I should have remembered) is a round roll so got two sausages, a roll and a dollop of mustard on a polystyrene tray! Was a bit disappointed it wasn’t a hot dog but didn’t really care – it was food! Ate it when I got home and it was amazingly quite nice! :) Didn’t touch the mustard though…

On Saturday night, I watched the recent Disney film ‘Enchanted’ and WAS enchanted by it! I loved all the little in jokes and the way Disney gently poked fun at themselves! I spotted a reference to Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the Sound Of Music but I’m sure there’s plenty of others in there! The storyline was really interesting – Giselle, a Disney princess, gets thrown into the real world and learns that not everything is a fairly tale and not everyone has happy endings. I liked this idea and the film lived up to expectations. Amy Adams was brilliant as Giselle and although I initially didn’t like Patrick Dempsey, I grew to like him.

So… that was my week – nothing that interesting but at least I've made you read it :D!

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